PacketMinder builds affordable, all-in-one network and content security solutions to provide defense in depth for corporate website, office facility or networks. PacketMinder's threat management helps block intrusions before they get to your firewall.


Is the GeoBlocker a Firewall?

No, the PacketMinder G1425 is not a firewall.  It is a centrally manageable Access Control device designed to block packets based on the geographic location of the originating IP address. 

Does this work with PIX or Checkpoint?

PacketMinder G1425 will work with all firewalls.  It is a bridge that sets infront of the firewall and will stop traffic before it hits your firewall.  Because many firewalls are designed to block traffic only based on IP and each rule, we developed this solution to stop the traffic at your border. 

How many FAQs can I have on my site?

You can have an unlimited number of FAQs, however, you probably want to make sure you're not overloading the user with an overwhelming amount of details.


What if I want to update or delete an existing FAQ?

You will have access to your AgileLite account where you can select FAQs and edit them, delete, or add new.

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